The Path to Beth Abraham's Future

Completing Beth Abraham's Capital Campaign

A New Space

We cherish the many paths to avodas Hashem in our shul, but our unified effort to create a new physical space will enable our shared focus, allowing us to expand and grow together - in our relationships with G-d, each other and our community.

The Time is Now

It is time for our physical space to match the essence of what CBA provides. With 450 families, as one of the largest shuls in the area, we have outgrown our physical space. Our shul is a sacred and special place in our community.

Donny's Derech

Together with the Morris family, we are thankful to honor the memory of Donny Morris z"l by rededicating CBA's Beis Medrash in his memory. It was Donny's home away from home, where he spent countless hours devoted to learning and tefillah, and this tribute is an opportunity to remember his kindness and commitment to CBA.

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